The Modern Kitchen

Grace View Modern Kitchen

The Modern Kitchen Samuel Stewart For decades the kitchen has been relegated to a small, often closed off, quadrant of the home. The kitchen was meant for food preparation, and nothing more. Now, take a look around. Tune into any home renovation show and watch what they do to the kitchen. Walls are knocked down, […]

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Modern Design Mania

Modern Prairie Home Eagle Front

Modern Design Mania Samuel Stewart Next time you drive through your neighborhood or into the city, take a look around. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll see at least one modern home or commercial building. In fact, all across the country, people are building more and more modern homes. In cities like Seattle, you might […]

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Five Alive

Bamboo Vacation Home

Five Alive Five House Plans Perfect as a Main Home or Vacation Home. Samuel Stewart Customers come to Mark Stewart Home Design looking for every kind of home imaginable. Lodges, modern homes, farmhouses, vacation homes, you get the picture. What has become obvious over the years is that many of our house plans work beautifully […]

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Design Trends With Legs Pt. 2: The New Black

Interior Design Two Story Great Room

Design Trends With Legs Pt. 2: The New Black Samuel Stewart Due to the positive feedback about our last design post, we thought we’d dig in to a few more trends; this time talking about trends we think are the “new black.” These trends play very well with each other, and you’ll start to notice […]

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Interior Design Trends With Legs

Interior Design Trends With Legs Samuel Stewart At Mark Stewart Home Design, we offer our clients the option to let us not only design the exterior and floor plan of their new home, but to design every facet of the interior as well. It is our duty, then, to stay apprised of the goings on […]

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Top 5 Most Effective Practices for Green Home-Building

Comments1 Top 5 Green home building most effective practices

Hopefully everyone is looking to be friendlier to the environment these days. Fears of a changing climate, rising energy costs, and creating pollution have led millions of people to being greener in their everyday life. The same goes with building modern homes. Many are looking for ways to make their new homes more energy efficient. […]

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Mark Stewart Wins PDX Main Street Design Award

Missing Middle Design Award

Mark Stewart Wins PDX Main Street Design Award Last Thursday on April 11, Mark Stewart was honored to receive the award for best “Missing Middle” design for the house plan “Lisac,” recently built at 1106-1145 SE Lincoln Street in Southeast Portland. The term “Missing Middle”  is used to designate housing complexes that are no larger […]

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The Undeniable Advantages of an ADU or Casita in New Home Design and Construction. 

ADU and Casita

The Undeniable Advantages of an ADU or Casita in New Home Design and Construction Samuel Stewart You may have noticed in recent years the explosion in popularity of ADUs, or “Accessory Dwelling Units.” Portland in particular has been at the forefront in this surge, due to both the flexibility in regulations in comparison to other […]

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How to Add A Touch of Elegance to Your Modern Farmhouse

Pendleton Modern Farmhouse Plan

How to Add A Touch of Elegance to Your Modern Farmhouse Peter Goldberg Living in the country doesn’t mean that your home can’t also be luxurious. Farmhouses are proving their staying power as homeowners want a home that is both charming with plenty of outdoor living spaces like porches and patios, as well as enough […]

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How Much Does Residential Construction Cost Vary From Coast To Coast

Farmhouse Covered in Snow

Building a home on the East Coast of the USA isn’t the same price as building a new modern home in California, Oregon or Washington. The Pacific Northwest weather brings home design challenges of it’s own while the Nor’easters on the East of the United States are wicked, usually bringing super heavy rain or snow, […]

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Shipping Container Homes Rise in Popularity

We live in a modern society where not only can you order your groceries online, but you can literally order a house off Amazon, with the click of a mouse. It’s no wonder the tiny house movement is taking America by storm. Smaller housing options are getting attention and becoming more and more popular. Shipping […]

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Craftsman House Plans are Here to Stay.

Craftsman House Plans M-1914

Craftsman House Plans are Here to Stay. The American Craftsman (or simply Craftsman) home is by far one of the most popular styles of home in the United States. Developed out of the British Arts and Crafts movement, the American Craftsman style originated in the 1890s, and was a response to the ultra decorated and […]

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