Interior Design Trends With Legs

Interior Design Trends With Legs

Samuel Stewart

At Mark Stewart Home Design, we offer our clients the option to let us not only design the exterior and floor plan of their new home, but to design every facet of the interior as well. It is our duty, then, to stay apprised of the goings on in the interior design world. This is important even when designing the exterior of the home, as the interior and exterior are inextricably linked. Each year, we see design trends come and go. We’ve seen finishes like brass and copper have big moments in recent memory. Furniture pieces with bright, jewel tone statement colors have come and gone. However, we feel there are a few key trends making waves that will be around for a while yet.

Handmade Pieces

Handmade Furniture Design Trends
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The demand for heirloom quality, handmade, artisan pieces is higher now than it has been for a long time. People want ownership over their spaces; they want to feel unique. Handmade pieces are by their very nature unique. People often feel more attached to handcrafted furniture and decor because it is possible to put a face, name, and story to the craftsperson. These products are often kept in families for many years, further enhancing the emotional attachment to the item while also further reducing waste. Because these items are handmade, there aren’t nearly as many steps involved in the manufacturing process. Those that produce boutique items often use locally sourced materials, and those that purchase from local artisans cut out the need for the item to be shipped, thus eliminating environmentally damaging and costly shipping steps. Shops like Portland’s The Joinery take pride in producing unique, functional, and durable furniture pieces that last for years to come. Pictured here is their “Wilkes” Live-Edge dining table.


Sustainable Design Trends
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As more and more people embrace the need for our society to protect our resources and our planet, countless industries have shifted to more sustainable practices, and the interior design world is no different. Designers embrace sustainability principles in a number of ways. Many companies have started to look at the ways that their products are manufactured to identify methods to reduce environmental impact. Bedding company Threaded only works with factories that engage in environmentally friendly supply chain practices to reduce their carbon footprint while still creating a durable, ethical, and high quality product. Product designers may change what materials they use in their products based on how those materials will recycle and break down over their life time (organic dyes, biodegradable plastics). It has also become very popular for designers to focus on longevity and durability of their products, cutting down on the need to redecorate frequently as well as cutting down on waste.

Social Kitchens

Grace View Social Kitchen Design Trends
The kitchen once again has become hugely popular as a central gathering space. Trends toward more open concept living spaces are placing greater importance on having a kitchen that is not only connected to the rest of the home, but also that allows for easy social interaction in and around the kitchen. This can be accomplished by strategic placement of appliances to avoid the ever present “too many cooks” issue, by providing ample counter space, and by incorporating large central islands. In our recent project for the 2018 Street of Dreams, we employed these ideas with great success. Our home Grace View (kitchen shown here) includes a massive island perfect for gathering, as well as plentiful counter space and a layout which allowed for the main appliances to be spread out, with the sink on the island and the stove behind on the main counter space.

Light Wood

Light Wood Design Trends
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While wood finishes have been popular for quite some time, we feel that light wood in particular will be a strong presence moving forward. Light wood finishes have the ability to instantly brighten a room and provide an airy, open feel. Using lighter materials in rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light is very popular because of the wood’s ability to reflect what available light there is. This can greatly improve the mood of a room, and can be easier and more cost effective than installing new windows. Light oak and birch floors feel comfortable, inviting, and work beautifully in formal and casual spaces. Farmhouse style homes are having a massive surge in popularity, and light wood finishes and furniture tie in beautifully with the rustic, earthy atmosphere of a farmhouse.

We feel very strongly about the connection between the interior and exterior of a home, and believe that a small change in one will undoubtedly impact the other. With the industry shifting toward bright, unique, sustainable housing, these design trends are sure to stick around for years to come.

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