Prairie Style

Prairie Style

Prairie Style House Plans

Mark Stewart Home Design almost single-handedly revived this beautiful and logical architectural style in the early 1990’s. Finally Prairie Style House Plans were made available to everyone.

Mark Stewart House Plan Mendecosta Summit House Plan #MSAP-3752
Mendecosta Summit House Plan #MSAP-3752

The first client

we proposed this style for wept tears of joy when he saw the preliminary renderings. Mark Stewart went on to to develop and modernize the Prairie Style Home that has again been growing in popularity all over the world. Mark showcased 12 fully developed and decorated homes in 1994 in the Mark Stewart Designers showcase of Homes.In addition to the Elegance and Drama of this style, cost savings have been reported by many Mark Stewart Prairie Style Clients. Mark Stewart has been the leader in the inception and revival of many styles and movements in Home Design with none more powerful and long lasting then  Prairie Style House Plans.

These homes came to me in a vision… It was right after a two week meditation retreat…

I didn’t ask for them, they were just given. They have been a gift I am happy to pass on to you.

Prairie School style architecture is usually marked by its integration with the surrounding landscape, horizontal lines, flat or hipped roofs with broad eaves, windows assembled in horizontal bands, solid construction, craftsmanship, and restraint in the use of decoration.

Finally, a beautiful sense of logic returns to Home Design.

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