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Skinny Houses

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I remember the first Skinny house I saw, and I thought it was a prank. Skinny homes are a relatively new happening, but have emerged to solve a growing need in many inner cities. Not long ago the idea of a single family home of only 15 feet wide was unimaginable. Zoning, land costs and the desirability of close to downtown neighborhoods have created this style. Many cities now encourage this type of housing to increase density without sprawl, or adding significant new infrastructure.

Modern Skinny House PlanSkinny Home Designs

Much can be done in a footprint of 15-20 feet wide. Many clients are pleasantly surprised to see how much light, shared space and open feel can be achieved in Skinny House Plans. This is a growing collection that has no end in sight. The skinny house movement is spreading and bringing much value and increased density to already existing infrastructures throughout the United States and Canada. We have these adorable light filled and affordable designs available from Traditional  styles all the way to Modern Skinny House Plans.

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