Shingle Style House Plans

Shingle Style House Plans

The time has come

to build friendly, dignified, affordable and aristocratic homes that hold their value. Shingle Style House Plans include a wide variety of architectural elements. When composed with a skilled design hand this home style is charming while remaining powerful and dignified. The work of Robert Stern and others comes to mind when considering the Shingle Style.


Mark Stewart Shingle Style House Plan M-4380-Fielding Drive
Shingle Style House Plan M-4380-Fielding Drive

The Shingle Style

reminds one of old money. From the incredible durability of shingle siding coupled with its scalability and beauty, to the graceful gabled rooflines Shingle Style House Plans are universally adored. This style is at home from Coast to Coast and we have enjoyed producing this collection of Shingle Style Home Designs from within our Portfolio. These homes come in all sizes and all lot types.

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The "Generous" House Plan is exactly that! Desi…

Sq Ft: 4,479Width: 87Depth: 102.3Stories: 2Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4.5


Clean and traditional cottage  style with a ver…

Sq Ft: 2,152Width: 40Depth: 69Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3


Here is a one of a kind magnificent Lodge Style…

Sq Ft: 4,673Width: 80Depth: 116.5Stories: 2Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3.5


This charming, traditionally styled duplex has …

Sq Ft: 4,907Width: 50Depth: 64Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2.5


Where to begin? This home spares nothing. You w…

Sq Ft: 5,104Width: 68.3Depth: 45Stories: 3Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4.5


This house plan is all about flexibility. The C…

Sq Ft: 2,736Width: 37.7Depth: 56.4Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3.5


Eagle Point is the perfect design for a shallow…

Sq Ft: 2,612Width: 74.9Depth: 29.5Stories: 2Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 2.5


Don't miss this unique and outstanding design .…

Sq Ft: 2,810Width: 36Depth: 50Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 2.5

Sonja House Plan

This is a compact, efficient and very livable h…

Sq Ft: 1,837Width: 52Depth: 48Stories: 1Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2

Monterey Bay Front

This magnificently flexible house plan was feat…

Sq Ft: 3,384Width: 43.5Depth: 58Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 3