New American house plans and home design

  New American house plans and home design represent a harmonious blend of traditional architectural elements and contemporary innovations, reflecting the evolving preferences and lifestyles of today’s homeowners. These designs emphasize flexibility, functionality, sustainability, and a strong connection to the environment, making them ideal for modern living. Below, we delve into the key aspects that […]

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The Top 5 House Plans for 2024

As we step into 2024, the architectural realm is buzzing with excitement, offering a plethora of house plans that cater to the evolving tastes and needs of homeowners worldwide. This year’s standout designs are a testament to the industry’s creativity and resilience, showcasing a mix of innovation, environmental sensitivity, and aesthetic diversity. From the rustic […]

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Is Building a Home with an ADU In-Law Suite Worth It?

Building a home with an in-law suite, also known as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), encompasses a spectrum of considerations that intertwine familial convenience with financial outlays. The concept of ADUs or in-law suites is rooted in the idea of multi-generational living. This architectural addition provides an avenue for families to keep their parents or […]

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Modern Home Design: Fusing Creativity and Utility for Everyday Living

Modern Home Design: Fusing Creativity and Utility for Everyday Living The allure of Modern design extends far beyond its sleek aesthetics and streamlined simplicity; it’s a realm where innovation, functionality, and comfort coexist. It’s not just about crafting a visually appealing minimalist environment; it’s about shaping a living space that enhances your way of life. […]

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The Rise of Modern Farmhouse Plans


The Rise of Modern Farmhouse Plans: Exploring Their Growing Appeal   The Modern Farmhouse architectural style has been among the top three most favored housing styles for some time. In tandem with Craftsman and Ranch-style homes, there’s an evident surge in the creation and construction of the Modern Farmhouse, more so now than ever. These […]

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California Gearing Up to Pay Homeowners $40,000 to build an ADU or Tiny Home in Their Backyards


Revitalizing the ADU Initiative: A Beacon of Hope for California’s Housing Crisis The sunny state of California, celebrated for its beaches, Hollywood glamor, and innovation, has recently been grappling with a daunting housing shortage. To tackle this crisis, the state is preparing to motivate homeowners to construct tiny homes or accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in […]

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4th of July Sale – Save 15% Off on any of Our House Plans!

Luxury Barnhouse Plan rear view 3

Now through 4th of July   Save 15% Off Any of Our House Plans with Discount Code IndependenceDay15 Introducing our exclusive collection of house plans, crafted with unparalleled brilliance by Mark Stewart Home Design. Renowned for their architectural mastery, we redefine modern living with innovation, functionality, and captivating aesthetics. Prepare to be enchanted by our remarkable […]

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Is the New Home Market Coming Back Again?

For The Third Straight Month in a Row, New Home Sales Surged in the USA In a real estate market plagued by a scarcity of homes for resale, sales of newly built homes in the US experienced a significant surge in May. This marks the third consecutive month of sales growth, with May’s increase being […]

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3 New House Plans with Photos for Summer 2023

Immerse yourself in a world of inspiration as you explore our exclusive collection of house plans with captivating interior and exterior photos. At Mark Stewart Home Design, we understand the power of visual imagery to spark your imagination and provide a glimpse into the endless possibilities of your dream home. Each house plan in our […]

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Benefits of Building an ADU For Your Home

The Advantages of Constructing an ADU for Your Residence Ever since the onset of the housing crisis in the United States, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have emerged as a vital solution, providing a much-needed boost to the rental market and addressing the scarcity of housing supply. ADUs have proven to be a highly effective means […]

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5 One Story House Plans to Retire In

Adirondack Empty Nest House Plan

It’s time. The kids have all finally moved out, college is paid for, and you have enough to live without working for the rest of your life. Retirement isn’t the end of something, it’s the beginning, and part of that is transitioning into a new home. You want one that’s low maintenance and won’t give […]

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Why is the American Modern Farmhouse Design So Popular These Days?

Revitalizing your home with captivating decor and furnishings can breathe new life and charm into any space. As Americans carefully choose their preferred styles, it begs the question: which designs are currently stealing the spotlight across the nation? Hovia, an esteemed interior design studio, conducted an extensive analysis of over 575 search terms related to […]

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