Old World European Homes

Old World European Homes

Old World European House Plans

Old World European Homes are loosely based on a variety of English and French prototypes, ranging from cottages to large manor houses. Pitched roofs, bay windows, small portico’s or stoops and arched entrances to the home are common characteristics.

Mark Stewart Home Design Barron House Plan Old World European #M-6126
Barron House Plan Old World European #M-6126

 Old World Home Style 

including all manner of European influenced designs have enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years. Symmetry is often found in this style group, but well massed and properly composed designs of an asymmetrical nature also abound. This is a timeless architecture when done well.

Mark Stewart Home Design Lions Gate House Plan #M-3216-B
Lions Gate House Plan #M-3216-B

We offer a wide range of Old World European Style House Plans from small to Manor sized. We work to incorporate rich, timeless features woven together with great care to bring you a true classic home design. Mark Stewart Home Design has been producing Old World European Homes for over 35 years and we are proud to share our collection with you.

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