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Northwest Modern Design

Northwest Modern House Plans

When we talk about Northwest Modern House Plans we are including homes with either low sloping hipped roofs, in conjunction with flat roofed porches and accents. We also recognize the many residential design styles that include shed roofs, open beams with large glass surfaces and generous use of stone and brick.

Mark Stewart "Modern Ridge" NW Modern House Plan # MM-2434-TL
“Modern Ridge” NW Modern House plan # MM-2434-TL

The thing that separates

Northwest Modern House Design for us is the consistent use of organic materials and colors. The generous and creative use of natural materials and earth tones in conjunction with otherwise Modern, Contemporary or Prairie Style Home Design begins to define the Northwest Modern Style for us.

Northwest Modern Home Design has evolved from its zero point in about 1972-75. Once again homeowners and builders had their fill of traditional design styles and began demanding something new that was a bit out of the box. It is our guess that this evolution continues going forward and we will be adding to this portfolio often.

Shop, or browse photos of our broad and varied collection of Northwest Modern Home Designs below. If you have any questions about these designs or how to order the house plans online, just let us know!

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