The arts and crafts movement started it

and today’s trends continue to blur the line between Prairie and Craftsman Home Design. Why not just design homes with the best of both styles? Lets call them Prairie/Craftsman House Plans. 

The results can be remarkable!

When designed carefully and with a trained eye Prairie/Craftsman House Plans have distinct qualities that not only speak to both styles but break new ground. Our collection includes plans that may fall in either or both of the two style categories and they have crossover differences that ease the solid edges of either style. These House Plans will always have a lower pitched roof with generous eaves. Prairie/Craftsman Home Designs often blend nicely into a neighborhood of more traditional homes, and give the homeowner just enough “Prairie” to feel right while still fitting in.

A Craftsman Home Design with a low pitch and wider eaves is considered a Prairie/Craftsman in this collection. Likewise a Prairie Design with natural organic exterior elements such as stained siding and the occasional gable end will be found in this collection.

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