Casita Home Design

Casita Home Design

Casita House Plans

A great idea who’s time has come:  Casita Home Design! Mark Stewart Home Design has been on the leading edge in the creation of single family homes that include a “Casita” for the past 10 years. You will find a larger collection of Casita House Plans here on our website then almost anywhere else on the Web. We have these designs for flat lots, uphill lots, downhill lots and even narrow lots.


A Casita is defined as a small, attached but self-contained house or apartment

Mark Stewart Casita House Plan "Sunrise"
Mark Stewart Casita House Plan “Sunrise”

Casita= Freedom..

Home Office, yoga studio, meditation hall, guest suite, teenager suite, Parent Suite, Man Cave, Art Studio, Home Business, Den, Study, Music Room, Library, Rental Unit, or just “An away space”  The Casita is magical and is available now in these innovative Home Plans. Take control of your life with a Multi-Generational Casita House Plan. Never be without the space you need again!

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