The Modern Minimalist Home

In recent years, we have seen a veritable explosion in the simple/minimal house market. Looking to scale down their lifestyles, be it for financial, environmental, or myriad other reasons, Americans are trimming off the excess square footage. Minimalist homes offer exactly what one would need, and nothing else. Our lives are complicated enough as it […]

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Interior Design Trends With Legs

Interior Design Trends With Legs Samuel Stewart At Mark Stewart Home Design, we offer our clients the option to let us not only design the exterior and floor plan of their new home, but to design every facet of the interior as well. It is our duty, then, to stay apprised of the goings on […]

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Mark Stewart Wins PDX Main Street Design Award

Missing Middle Design Award

Mark Stewart Wins PDX Main Street Design Award Last Thursday on April 11, Mark Stewart was honored to receive the award for best “Missing Middle” design for the house plan “Lisac,” recently built at 1106-1145 SE Lincoln Street in Southeast Portland. The term “Missing Middle”  is used to designate housing complexes that are no larger […]

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The Undeniable Advantages of an ADU or Casita in New Home Design and Construction. 

ADU and Casita

The Undeniable Advantages of an ADU or Casita in New Home Design and Construction Samuel Stewart You may have noticed in recent years the explosion in popularity of ADUs, or “Accessory Dwelling Units.” Portland in particular has been at the forefront in this surge, due to both the flexibility in regulations in comparison to other […]

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How to Add A Touch of Elegance to Your Modern Farmhouse

Pendleton Modern Farmhouse Plan

How to Add A Touch of Elegance to Your Modern Farmhouse Peter Goldberg Living in the country doesn’t mean that your home can’t also be luxurious. Farmhouses are proving their staying power as homeowners want a home that is both charming with plenty of outdoor living spaces like porches and patios, as well as enough […]

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Shipping Container Homes Rise in Popularity

We live in a modern society where not only can you order your groceries online, but you can literally order a house off Amazon, with the click of a mouse. It’s no wonder the tiny house movement is taking America by storm. Smaller housing options are getting attention and becoming more and more popular. Shipping […]

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Craftsman House Plans are Here to Stay.

Craftsman House Plans M-1914

Craftsman House Plans are Here to Stay. The American Craftsman (or simply Craftsman) home is by far one of the most popular styles of home in the United States. Developed out of the British Arts and Crafts movement, the American Craftsman style originated in the 1890s, and was a response to the ultra decorated and […]

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Make Way for the Modern Farmhouse

Sandridge Modern Farmhouse

Make Way for the Modern Farmhouse. If you feel like you’ve been hearing the words “modern farmhouse,” “rustic,” “heritage,” or “Barnhouse” everywhere, know that it’s not just you. In the last year, there has been a rapidly growing interest in rustic materials, reclaimed wood furnishings, and farmhouse inspired design. Retailers like Target have even started […]

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Narrow House Plans for Narrow Lots

Narrow House Plans for Narrow Lots As America’s small towns grow into big cities and its big cities become sprawling marvels, many people are trying to find ways to retain the character of their city while also allowing for the influx of new residents. Enter the narrow house. Not to be confused with the tiny […]

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Mark Stewart Custom Design for the Millman Family

In a rare perfect conjunction of site, client, builder and designer and taste we present the Millman Custom Home Design. Our clients have been magnificent to work with and we have loved every minute of the collaboration.  This is a true master home design for a lakefront lot with features galore. Magnificent French Country Design […]

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Street of Dreams 2018 for Legacy Built Homes

Modern Farmhouse by Mark Stewart for Legacy Built Homes

Things are coming together with our Modern Farmhouse Design for Legacy Built Homes in the Street of Dreams 2018 It has been nothing short of a joyful experience to work with Phillip Pahlisch of Legacy Built Homes on the design for their  entry in the 2018 Street of Dreams! We often do our best work […]

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