The Modern Minimalist Home

In recent years, we have seen a veritable explosion in the simple/minimal house market. Looking to scale down their lifestyles, be it for financial, environmental, or myriad other reasons, Americans are trimming off the excess square footage. Minimalist homes offer exactly what one would need, and nothing else. Our lives are complicated enough as it is, so a balance has to be struck somewhere.  Minimalist homes and, more broadly,  the minimalist lifestyle can help with this balance. Stylistically speaking, the housing community has also re-embraced the simplicity of modern design. Many of the offerings in the small house market are traditionally styled, but at Mark Stewart Home Design, we think it only makes sense that the exterior as well as the interior of your home  reflect the simplicity, beauty, and purity of the minimalist lifestyle. Small Modern Homes and Modern Tiny Homes are becoming the new “black” if you will.

Basic Urbana Front

Basic Urbana

Basica Urbana is the ultimate fusion of these two ideas. At 473 square feet, this home provides modern styling in a slim, simple package. This home features gorgeous sliding glass panels at the front, allowing for beautiful views and the ultimate in flexibility. Looking to the opposite side of the studio, you will find another floor to ceiling glass wall, giving you beautiful views regardless of where you are in the home. The central studio space is balanced evenly with the bath on one side and the kitchen on the other which lends a sense of completeness and stability to the home.



Black Pearl Sunset

The Black Pearl Sunset is another excellent example of our fusion of modernity and a minimalist floor plan. Outside you’ll find similar styling to the Basica Urbana, but with a garage down below. The garage space, if vehicles are not an issue, can also be easily used as a creative space, rec room, office, or simply just more storage. This floor plan, unlike the Basica, features a separate bedroom space from the studio. Should you have overnight visitors, this allows privacy for all parties.


We are constantly adding to our minimalist portfolio, so be sure to keep on eye on our “New Plans” page.  As a full-service home design studio, we are also fully equipped to design you your dream home in any style, at any size.

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