What to Know About French Country House Plans

If you are looking for a home that is sophisticated, arty, and elegant, then a French Country home might be your perfect choice. They offer a unique European style and charm, whether you are admiring them from the curb or taking a tour inside. They are primarily inspired by homes from Provence, which is a […]

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New Home Sales and Manufacturing Signal Rising Economy

Even though raw materials continue to be in scarce demand, U.S manufacturing activity in Q3 of this year was incredibly strong. As our economy reopens, there has been a sharp increase in domestic demand. This may not be sustainable, but it is a good sign as factories look to get back on their feet. IHS […]

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ICF Construction in Single Family Homes

What are the pros and cons using ICF Construction for my home? ICF = Insulated concrete form (ICF) is a system of expanded polystyrene (EPS) rigid blocks separated by plastic web spacers. It is used as an integrated concrete form to pour a concrete wall instead of a traditional wood form. … and it is so […]

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What is included in a Set of Working Drawings

Working Drawings Main Floor

Essential Elements of a Set of Working Drawings Samuel Stewart What is included in a Set of Working Drawings ? Whether you are building a custom home or building from a stock house plan, at the core of the project will be the working drawings. It is important to understand what working drawings are, what […]

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Make Way for the Modern Farmhouse

Sandridge Modern Farmhouse

Make Way for the Modern Farmhouse. If you feel like you’ve been hearing the words “modern farmhouse,” “rustic,” “heritage,” or “Barnhouse” everywhere, know that it’s not just you. In the last year, there has been a rapidly growing interest in rustic materials, reclaimed wood furnishings, and farmhouse inspired design. Retailers like Target have even started […]

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Street of Dreams 2018 for Legacy Built Homes

Modern Farmhouse by Mark Stewart for Legacy Built Homes

Things are coming together with our Modern Farmhouse Design for Legacy Built Homes in the Street of Dreams 2018. This plan is available for purchase as well! It has been nothing short of a joyful experience to work with Phillip Pahlisch of Legacy Built Homes on the design for their  entry in the 2018 Street […]

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Prairie Style for any housing type

The Prairie Style, which we started working with in 1990 has proven to have great range and enduring appeal. When we began working in this style we started with large custom homes such as Smythe Place, Cassiopeia, Stafford View  and others. The very first such Custom Prairie Home that we created was Mendecosta Summit. The […]

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Wine Country Style with a Casita

When an empty nest buyer looks for a new home, they want simplicity, convenience, elegance, and very importantly, versatility. Their new home is likely going to function as a hub of family related activity, meaning they will need to be able to entertain and host guests. As there are no longer children in the home, […]

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The Modern Minimalist Home

In recent years, we have seen a veritable explosion in the simple/minimal house market. Looking to scale down their lifestyles, be it for financial, environmental, or myriad other reasons, Americans are trimming off the excess square footage. Minimalist homes offer exactly what one would need, and nothing else. Our lives are complicated enough as it […]

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