What to Know About French Country House Plans

If you are looking for a home that is sophisticated, arty, and elegant, then a French Country home might be your perfect choice. They offer a unique European style and charm, whether you are admiring them from the curb or taking a tour inside. They are primarily inspired by homes from Provence, which is a region of France that is known for its rural countryside. French Country style is well regarded for being traditional yet timeless, and for being open to evolution and flexibility. French Country home plans are adaptable to other architectural types and any planner and builder’s style. Whether you are looking for an open farmhouse design, a cottage house plan or a large estate design, French Country has something for you that will be unique and appeal to your personal tastes.

Merlot French Country House Plan

Merlot Elegant Wine Country House Plan

Architectural Features

One of the unique features of French Country architecture is that it revels in being asymmetrical. Modern designs are a blend of the elegance that comes with old-world French design and comfortable and functional modern design. A French Country exterior could have gorgeous, complicated brick and stonework with tall windows like you would find in a chateau. However, on the interior you will find all of the modern comforts, including large sleeping rooms, covered outdoor areas, and entertainment rooms with all the bells and whistles you might need.

French Country House Plan Edward's Pride

Edward’s Pride Old World European House Plan

Lot Locations and Sizes

One of the great things about French Country house plans is that they can fit in no matter where you want to live. They are appropriate for rural and countryside locations, but they can also work in urban and suburban neighborhoods. They are very adaptable in size, so you can find large estates of approximately 15,000 square feet, and smaller sizes of around 1,000 square feet. Whether city or country, a French Country home will work for you.

Large French Country Home Plan

Sky Lodge Luxury House Plan With Master on Main


Many people chose to bring the French Country aesthetic from the exterior to the interior. There is plenty of romance, glamor, and classical style to find in any French Country house plan. Color schemes can be warm and inviting, with neutral shades that offer a subtle touch. Furniture can be in antique style using traditional materials like stone, marble, and wood. These will give the space a vintage and classic look with a medieval flavor. Four post beds will carry this vibe through the home, as will white and cream upholstery. To complete the theme, make sure that you have chandeliers throughout the home. Other appropriate accessories are vintage mirrors, exposed beams, and iron components.

Take a look at all of the available French Country house plans in our collection. There is certainly a home design that will meet your personal style and needs. As always, if there’s a house plan you’d like to modify or customize just let us know.