Prairie Style for any housing type

The Prairie Style, which we started working with in 1990 has proven to have great range and enduring appeal. When we began working in this style we started with large custom homes such as Smythe Place, Cassiopeia, Stafford View  and others. The very first such Custom Prairie Home that we created was Mendecosta Summit. The client literally wept with joy when he first saw the design!

Mendecosta Summit

Front rendering

Front Rendering


Stafford View


I knew we had struck a design nerve and immediately began creating smaller stock home plans that to this day, still sell all over the world.  Plans such as The BrightSunrise  and

New plans such as Sunrise , have built on the success of the past 25 years of working with this design, along with our careful attention to modern amenities, energy efficiencies, and advanced building techniques.



This style also works magnificently well on sloped lots, as it marries the building to the landscape and provides an elegant yet comfortable street presence. Plans such as Smooth Jazz, and Turner Pointe among others have been built dozens of times and are a welcome addition to any neighborhood. Many have reported significant cost savings with the Prairie Style, as the roof forms tend to use less lumber , and are certainly easier to navigate during construction and maintenance.