The Kids Are Gone, Now What?

The Kids Are Gone, Now What? Empty Nest House Plans for Every Family Samuel Stewart Confronting an empty nest can be difficult, especially when it comes to dealing with tons of extra space. When the kids have moved out, one might choose to downsize or move to a new locale. We have helped countless families […]

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Modification Miracles

House Plan Modification

Modification Miracles Samuel Stewart At Mark Stewart Home Design, we try to offer a wide range of house plans spanning all sizes and styles of home. We also know that each family and each lot has different needs, so we offer you the option to change an existing plan to fit your exact specifications. While […]

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Sustainable Building for a Better World

sustainable housing

Sustainable Building for a Better World Samuel Stewart Sustainable homes have exploded into a huge sector of the building and real estate industries. Sustainable housing is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and beautiful. Thanks to an increased global awareness of the impact we have on our environment, green housing is becoming easier and easier to build. […]

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The Missing Middle: What’s Happening to Single Family Homes?

The Missing Middle: What’s Happening to Single Family Homes? Samuel Stewart The State of Oregon’s Senate and House have both recently passed House Bill 2001, a measure that requires cities with more than 10,000 people to allow duplexes in areas zoned for single-family homes, as well as requiring cities with more than 25,000 people to […]

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Four Fine Family House Plans

family house plans

Four Fine Family House Plans Samuel Stewart Finding a new home for your family can be a challenge. Kids need spaces to play and explore and parents need to be able to keep an eye (or two) on them. It isn’t enough to build a purely large home, as having too many rooms can make […]

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The Modern Kitchen

Grace View Modern Kitchen

The Modern Kitchen Samuel Stewart For decades the kitchen has been relegated to a small, often closed off, quadrant of the home. The kitchen was meant for food preparation, and nothing more. Now, take a look around. Tune into any home renovation show and watch what they do to the kitchen. Walls are knocked down, […]

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Modern Design Mania

Modern Prairie Home Eagle Front

Modern Design Mania Samuel Stewart Next time you drive through your neighborhood or into the city, take a look around. There’s a pretty good chance you’ll see at least one modern home or commercial building. In fact, all across the country, people are building more and more modern homes. In cities like Seattle, you might […]

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Five Alive

Bamboo Vacation Home

Five Alive Five House Plans Perfect as a Main Home or Vacation Home. Samuel Stewart Customers come to Mark Stewart Home Design looking for every kind of home imaginable. Lodges, modern homes, farmhouses, vacation homes, you get the picture. What has become obvious over the years is that many of our house plans work beautifully […]

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