What Are the Most Popular and Widely Used Features in New Home Design and Construction?

Garage with a Pool House Plan

When it comes to real estate, whether selling, buying, or having a home built, you want to know what elements are currently the most popular. With life seemingly moving faster than ever, designs that are energy efficient and allow people to be organized and comfortable without much extra work seem to be all the rage at the moment. Simple is better. Here are some of the most popular features in new home design and construction. It’s vital that you understand what buyers are looking for, and also what features you may want in your next dream home.

Multi-Purpose Garage

When buying a first home, buyers often will lean towards homes with more space. They may have been living in a tiny apartment or even in their childhood bedroom, and want to be able to store everything they have. Garages can help fill this need. More people want to use their garage as more than just a space for cars. Garages can also be built to work as an office, weight room, storage space, mudroom, or even house a pool in the garage as pictured above.

Open Concept

Open floor plans are being incorporated into new builds at a rate of just under 85%. Open concept homes make it easier to create a warm and inviting space. It allows for large gatherings without having to have one large room, and homeowners can entertain while cooking at the same time.


Main Level Full Bathroom

Traditionally, homes may have a half-bath on the main floor. However, the movement is towards having a full bathroom on the main floor for convenience and to increase home value. Having two full baths can increase a sale price by as much as 20%. This coincides with the trend towards having master bedrooms on the main level as well. This is especially common among seniors and baby boomers.


Finished Basement

Much like people are looking for additional storage, they are also looking for more living space. A finished basement can provide that, along with additional square footage for selling. Basements can be a great place for socializing, but they can also be home to any number of extra elements. These can include guest bedrooms, in-law suite, workout room, or even a game room with a pool table.


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency in a home is not just about turning out lights when not in use and using cfl bulbs. There is a lot that goes into keeping utility costs low and leaving a smaller footprint on our environment. Energy efficient appliances will sense how much soil there is on dishes and clothes and adjust their use of water accordingly. Windows can be manufactured to better capture the air inside the home, and keep out the air from the exterior, to allow HVAC systems to work more efficiently as well. New home buyers are much more conscious of the environment, and of rising utility costs, and will actively be looking for features that help with both.


Smart Homes

If we’re going to talk about convenience, then smart home features have to be part of the conversation. Some of these features include Nest thermostats, for instance, which can learn from your schedule and modify temperatures accordingly. Video doorbells are also hugely popular, as the world likes unexpected visitors less and less all the time. Then there are the personal assistant devices that can help with lighting, bus schedules, or even providing you with the recipe you are trying to remember.


Ceiling Fans

This may seem like a strange one, especially since ceiling fans have been in homes for generations. However, they are more popular than ever at the moment. They provide an energy efficient way to move air throughout the home and assist the HVAC system. They can also provide some cool air when maybe it isn’t quite hot enough to turn on the air conditioner.


Flexible Rooms

Multi-purpose rooms can be used for pretty much anything. They can be guest bedrooms, living rooms, or rooms for hobbies or games. They are especially valuable if they are on the main floor, as they can work as bedrooms for aging homeowners or parents.

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a classic feature that has been popular for a long time, and will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. It can add tremendous value to a home. It’s strong, it is relatively easy to keep clean, and it can last a lifetime. With new technologies and techniques, it seems to get more affordable every year to have them installed.


Home Office

We live in a connected world, which means that more and more people are working from home, at least part time. In recent years employers have also started to understand the benefits of allowing a good work-life balance for their employees. Having a dedicated home office has become a must-have for many new home buyers, so they can get work done while separated from the goings on at home.

These are just a few of the most popular features in new home design and construction. Knowing and understanding what people are looking for will help you not only create a better space for you to live, but to also add value to your home for when you might sell it down the road.