How to Add A Touch of Elegance to Your Modern Farmhouse

Pendleton Modern Farmhouse Plan

How to Add A Touch of Elegance to Your Modern Farmhouse

Peter Goldberg

Living in the country doesn’t mean that your home can’t also be luxurious. Farmhouses are proving their staying power as homeowners want a home that is both charming with plenty of outdoor living spaces like porches and patios, as well as enough room indoors to entertain a crowd. Dining rooms are also an essential part of modern farmhouses as Sunday dinners still consist of inviting the whole family over to share a meal. Even if you are surrounded by acres of farmland, you can still have a home that is chic and modern with just a few changes. Check out these tips for how to add a touch of elegance to your modern farmhouse this year.

Update the Color Scheme

Pendleton Modern Farmhouse Plan
Choosing to upgrade the home with a new color scheme will help add elegance to the house. Many farmhouses have a warm color scheme that includes browns, tans, and reds which can look dated. Hues like white, black, and gray will instantly modernize a farmhouse with a fresh color palette. Natural wood can still play a significant role in modern farmhouses, but consider painting some wood furnishings if they heavily decorate your home. Whitewashing brick fireplaces is another smart idea when tying in a new color to the home. Cooler tones are more modern so make sure to stay within that color family to help the color scheme seamlessly come together.

Ditch the Carpet

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Many farmhouses are covered in carpet which can pose problems when trying to modernize the look of the home. Carpet may be a good option for bedrooms, but it can be an issue when used in gathering areas. Farmhouses are usually surrounded by plenty of dirt, grime, and mud that can be easily tracked into the home. Consider replacing carpet with other flooring options that are easier to clean and maintain like tile or hardwood. These options will not only make your home cleaner but also help to create a modern and elevated look. Choose darker toned tile and hardwood for an easy touch of elegance as well that will help anchor the room of your modern farmhouse as well.

Rework the Kitchen

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The kitchen is highly known as being the heart of any home, but it is even more so important in a farmhouse. We especially like the updated shape and layout of this modern farmhouse kitchen that offers easy access to both sides of a vast island. Barn doors are a home décor and design trend that easily can be included in changing up the design of a kitchen. Consider installing a barn door on the pantry or even upgrading cabinets to include barn door hardware. Choosing a new layout for the kitchen is an excellent way to make sure that you are getting the most out of every inch of the home. Finding a new place for everything can not only modernize the house but also create a better functioning area for all of those big meals served in a modern farmhouse.

Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

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Don’t forget the exterior portions of your home when trying to add a touch of elegance to your farmhouse. There are plenty of outdoor lighting fixtures that will instantly upgrade the look of your home with sleek metal shapes and styles. Modern farmhouse lighting options are both chic and beautiful making them an easy upgrade that will bring quick results. Other options include adding new porch lights that are on a timer which will help you and others spot your home even on the darkest nights. Couple those upgraded fixtures with energy efficient LED light bulbs for both a beautiful bright color as well as less energy consumption.

Choosing to upgrade your farmhouse to a more modern style will take time, but there are definite things that you can do that will add a touch of elegance to the home. Consider a new overall color scheme as well as upgrading the outdoor lighting for a fresh look. Replacing the carpet with lower profile flooring options will also help as well as considering reworking the layout of the kitchen. All of these things are stunning ways to add a touch of elegance to your modern farmhouse.


Peter Goldberg is a gardening and landscaping writer, and outdoor extraordinaire. He likes to fire up the grill to cook for family and friends, as well as using his organically grown garden produce to create mouth-watering meals.