Mark Britcliffe

M-1677AMD 1 House Plan


I have to share a little story to share with you. We recently completed the last house you designed for us. I was in the house doing some last minute touch-up when the first group of buyers came through. It was a young couple with an experienced broker from Lake Oswego. I struck up a conversation with the realtor and she told me she had already shown this couple numerous houses. As we followed the couple upstairs the realtor was commenting on how she liked some of the design features and the overall flow of the home. As we reached the middle landing of the staircase I told her that the home was a Mark Stewart design. Before the words left my lips she exclaimed “THIS IS A MARK STEWART!”. She was easily overheard by the couple who were standing in the landing just above us. Two hours later we had a full price offer short of them asking for a new refrigerator, which I had planned on getting anyway but had not found one I had liked yet. We closed 4 weeks later.

Thanks again great work and amazing value!

Mark Britcliffe
M&D Development

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