Why is the American Modern Farmhouse Design So Popular These Days?

Revitalizing your home with captivating decor and furnishings can breathe new life and charm into any space. As Americans carefully choose their preferred styles, it begs the question: which designs are currently stealing the spotlight across the nation? Hovia, an esteemed interior design studio, conducted an extensive analysis of over 575 search terms related to 25 interior design styles using Google Trends data. The results provide an intriguing glimpse into the most popular interior design styles in each state. Let’s delve into the findings and discover how you can incorporate these trends into your very own house plans.

Modern Farmhouse: Reigning as the top interior design style in the US, Modern Farmhouse captures the hearts of 32 states. Texas takes the lead with an impressive monthly average of 8,647 searches, followed closely by Ohio (3,717 searches) and North Carolina (3,497 searches). The Modern Farmhouse aesthetic merges the timeless allure of country-style homes with a modern twist. Crisp white or light colors harmonize with pottery, wooden furnishings, rattan baskets, and earth-toned decor. Thanks to its exposure on social media, television, and movies, this style has become an influential source of inspiration for homeowners seeking to replicate its captivating appeal. Enchanting features such as vaulted ceilings, expansive verandas, and neutral-toned decks are often favored by enthusiasts. Notably, the Modern Farmhouse design celebrates cherished family values, hard work, and the simplicity associated with farmhouse living.

Feng Shui: Embraced as the second most sought-after interior design style in the US, Feng Shui garners attention in five states. Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico demonstrate a strong affinity for this style, renowned for its emphasis on organization and natural elements. Rooted in Chinese art, Feng Shui strives to create harmonious, balanced living spaces that generate positive energy and enhance overall well-being. When applied correctly, the delicate equilibrium of yin-yang energies results in a continuous flow of balance, fostering an improved quality of life.

Rustic and Coastal: Tying for third place, both Rustic and Coastal design styles enchant four states each. Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming showcase a penchant for Rustic interiors, characterized by the use of organic textures such as stone, wood, and metal. On the other hand, Delaware, Florida, Rhode Island, and South Carolina gravitate towards the Coastal style, which evokes the tranquil beauty of beachside living. Coastal design incorporates elements inspired by the beach, featuring beach-style decorations and a focus on light shades of green and blue that evoke a serene coastal ambiance.

As you explore the captivating world of interior design styles, don’t forget to weave these trends into your own house plans. Incorporate the essence of Modern Farmhouse, Feng Shui principles, or the rustic and coastal aesthetics into your dream home. Start your journey here, with our Modern Farmhouse Plan – Endless Progress.