Mark Stewart Home Design Joins ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Again!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition


Portland, OR July 8, 2007 — Residential home design firm, Mark Stewart Home Design is pleased to announce their second in a series of custom home designs for ABC’s Emmy Award-winning reality show, “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. This opportunity marks the second time in the last 90 days that Stewart’s designs will be featured by this top, prime time program.

Byers Home
Front Exterior

Stewart designed a spacious 3,980 sq. ft., one-story, Northwest contemporary-style home for the Byers family of Corvallis, Ore. This home will be built by local builder Legend Homes and the show’s talented designers. This is the first “Extreme Makeover” Home to be built in Oregon. It is also an exciting collaboration between Mark Stewart Home Design and the outstanding homebuilder Legend Homes.

Byers Home
Rear Exterior

The Byers’ 7-year-old daughter Jenessa is battling pediatric cancer. Before Jenessa was diagnosed, the Byers had dreams of renovating their home. Now, their current home would need exponential improvements for treatment to be effective. An out-dated, dirty heating system heats only part of the home, and the exposed wires throughout the house create a safety hazard for the Byers. In addition, mold and toxins have raised health concerns for both the children.

Byers Home
Great Room

“We are honored to be a part of ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’,” said Mark Stewart, president, Mark Stewart Home Design. “The work they are doing, one family at a time, is a true testament to the kind of thing this world needs more of. We hope this home will meet and exceed the needs of the Byers family as our previous home design did for the Westbrook Family.”

Byers Home
Daughter’s Room

The episode, “Byers Family” will air during the 2007-2008 season.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, which has won back-to-back Emmy Awards as Best Reality Program (non-competitive), is entering its fifth season on ABC. The program is produced by Endemol USA, a division of Endemol Holding. Denise Cramsey is the executive producer; and David Goldberg is the president of Endemol USA.

Legend Homes

Founded in 1965, Legend Homes is the award-winning builder of more than 12,000 homes in planned communities throughout Portland and Corvallis. Their high-quality, green-built homes are crafted with premium materials to ensure structure strength, better air quality and energy efficiency.

About Mark Stewart Home Design

Mark Stewart Home Design has been bringing the finest in custom home design and stock plans to the new construction market for over 25 years. The home design firm has been chosen for several prestigious honors, including The Mark Stewart Designers Showcase of Homes, Home Magazine’s “Well Crafted Home”, the Easter Seals/Century 21 sponsored Lifetime Homes series, several Street of Dreams Award winning homes, a MAME award, among others. Mark Stewart Home Design has become the trendsetter in home design. The firm is recognized as one of the foremost residential designers in North America and throughout the world. Mark Stewart Home Designs can be found in The Czech Republic, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Africa, Malaysia and Germany.