Modern Makeover

It’s Modern Makeover Time

We were recently asked by a large scale custom production builder to produce an entire range of modern designs for some of their upcoming subdivisions. They saw modern designs taking hold and wanted to meet the market immediately. Previous in-house attempts to design a new modern home or two at a time were not getting the job done quickly or well enough There are many large production builders in this predicament. The modern design movement is in full stride and many builders have not yet made the switch. The home buying public has made that switch, and the time has come to give the people what they want.

One of the challenges presented was to create a design look and feel that would work with home sizes ranging from 1600 to over 3000 sq. ft. We also wanted enough diversity to ensure the product would blend well in subdivisions, and hang together as a cohesive family of homes. The homes also were to be a mix of single and two story models.

We ended with a group of designs we are very proud of. There are shed/gable modern styles, as well as hip northwest modern roof lines. The window treatments, stained siding accents, and well composed rooflines comprise a complete modern menu for subdivision housing types.

Two Story designs with a comfortable composition of Shed Roof Modern Style and

 Hip Roof Northwest Modern Styles were created

2 Story Modern Shed Roof Model "Maximum Joy"

New Modern Single Story Designs are a part of the mix, with Shed Modern and Hip Northwest Modern Rooflines.



Modern Designs, thoughtfully detailed for ease of construction, functionality and graceful beauty