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A gorgeous luxury house plan with many amenitie…

Sq Ft: 3,958Width: 73.5Depth: 63.3Stories: 2Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4

M-3812-E-FRONT-VIEW House Plan splash(2)

Stately Mountain Style Lodge is a wonderful com…

Sq Ft: 3,812Width: 89.8Depth: 68Stories: 2Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3.5

Sunrise Two

This magnificent family house plan has much to …

Sq Ft: 3,672Width: 58Depth: 65.5Stories: 2Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3

MSAP-3743-JH 1 House Plan

We are happy to present this beautiful empty ne…

Sq Ft: 3,743Width: 84.5Depth: 45Stories: 2.5Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3.5

Paris House Plan

This is a very exciting house plan! French Coun…

Sq Ft: 3,758Width: 40Depth: 58Stories: 3Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 6Bathrooms: 4.5

Hills View House Plan

A beautiful European Style executive house plan…

Sq Ft: 3,556Width: 74.5Depth: 51Stories: 3Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4.5


Here is a beautiful house plan for a downslopin…

Sq Ft: 3,655Width: 49Depth: 60.2Stories: 3Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4.5

M-3660-JTR 1 House Plan

This is a particularly attractive and efficient…

Sq Ft: 3,660Width: 40Depth: 46Stories: 3Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3.5

M-3828 1 House Plan

A dynamic house plan with transitional good loo…

Sq Ft: 3,828Width: 57.7Depth: 51Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 2.5

M-3500-DP 1 House Plan

This strong beautiful house plan announces itse…

Sq Ft: 3,500Width: 46Depth: 50Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3