Built In : Lake Oswego

Mark Stewart Home Design has decades of experience designing homes in The City Of Lake Oswego. This beautiful community has a zoning and planning code that has evolved over the years, and is unique,  rigorous and exacting. This group of plans has all been built in The City of Lake Oswego and should give you a leg up on your next L.O. Home building project.  Plans are always being added to this group, so stay tuned !

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MM-3945 West

This sleek home is perfect for a beautiful corn…

Sq Ft: 3,945Width: 43.2Depth: 59.4Stories: 3Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4

MM-3974 West

This modern stunner has it all. From the open f…

Sq Ft: 3,974Width: 42Depth: 58Stories: 3Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 5


With 4 large bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a shop, a…

Width: 42Depth: 65.1Bedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4.5


If you’re looking for a home that screams…

Sq Ft: 4,079Width: 48.9Depth: 63Stories: 3Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 4.5


Five bedrooms in under 2800 square feet. Sixth …

Sq Ft: 2,907Width: 34Depth: 76Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 2.5


A wonderful design that fits most any lot and n…

Sq Ft: 2,199Width: 36Depth: 42Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 2.5


This is a perfect house for a lot with limited …

Sq Ft: 2,697Width: 74.5Depth: 28Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 2.5


We are happy to present this beautiful empty ne…

Sq Ft: 3,743Width: 84.5Depth: 45Stories: 2.5Master Suite: Main FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 3.5


This is a luxurious yet very comfortable home, …

Sq Ft: 4,941Width: 92.8Depth: 73Stories: 2Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 5

Front Rendering
Sq Ft: 4,380Width: 45Depth: 87.5Stories: 3Master Suite: Upper FloorBedrooms: 4Bathrooms: 4.5